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What is a Smell Proof Bag and Why It's the Best Way to Store Your Stash

What is a Smell Proof Bag?

Let’s admit it, not all people accept cannabis and its products as recreation or even for medical purposes. Many are also prejudiced against people who grow, use or sell cannabis. You might be experiencing this yourself at your school, at work, or even at home. Some people will bug you for it and make you feel uncomfortable. So, to keep those unwanted questions, unsolicited advice, and nosy people out of your business; it’s best to keep your weed discreet by storing it in a smell proof bag.


What is a Smell Proof Bag?

As the name suggests, it is a nifty storage purpose-built to hide the smell of cannabis. This bag is crafted to contain even the strongest of odors.

All materials that compose smell proof bags have properties that keep the odor inside. From the exterior fabric to the interior lining, from the handle to the velcro; everything will help do the job for you. The inner lining, in particular, is made from a special material that traps the smell prevents it from going out of the bag. It’s called activated charcoal.


What is Activated Charcoal and Where Does it Get its Smell-Proof Properties From?

Activated charcoal is a black powder with very fine particles and made from coal, coconut shells, bone char, petroleum coke, peat, and olive pits. This material is “activated” because it has been processed at very high temperatures. The process reduced the charcoal’s pores and expanded its surface area, making it more porous than regular charcoals.

This porous texture allows the activated charcoal to attract gases, trap them, and in cases of bad odors, neutralizes them. As for the activated charcoal lining inside a smell proof bag, it traps the smell emitted by your stash and prevents it from going out of the bag.

Using smell proof bags is indeed the best way to store weed. But you’re probably asking right now, “Why do I even need it?”. We understand you are one proud weeder, but even if you aren’t shy about this recreation, there are still many reasons why you need to carry smell proof bags when on the go, aside from keeping things discreet.


Why Should You Use a Smell Proof Bag? 


To Guarantee Your Safety

Weed can attract a lot of attention. If your stash isn’t properly stored in a smell-proof bag, it can be noticed by people who hate it and those who love it. Surprisingly, both groups can pose a danger to your safety. That’s right. You can get bullied, robbed, and beat up for it. Remember that you can’t control what other people think or do. So, it’s best to keep your things as private as possible to ensure your safety wherever you go.

To comply with Road and Workplace Regulations

As of November 2019, there are still 17 states in the US where marijuana is illegal. Whether you live or work in any of these states, it will be hard not to get busted when your car or bag smells like a portable dispensary. If you want to avoid apprehension on the road or disciplinary sanctions from work, then you need to use a smell proof bag and prevent people from getting a whiff of your buds.

To Preserve Potency and Freshness of your Stash

Aside from keeping things private, you also need to carry smell proof bags to help keep your weed fresh and potent for a longer period. Weeds that are exposed to air degrade much faster and become less potent in time.

As we’re sure you want to keep your stash as strong as possible even after several days, you need to store them properly in an air-tight bag. A smell proof bag will do that for you because it doesn’t just keep the odor from going out, it’s also tightly sealed to prevent air from going in.


What's the Best Smell Proof Bag?

Carrying a smell proof bag is important for the best reasons, and we hope that this significance was stressed enough in this article. But don’t go buying any smell proof bag that you see online. Choosing the right smell proof bag is just as important as having one.

Many weed storage solutions became available in the market when the cannabis industry boomed over the last few years. However, none of these products is more effective in hiding the smell of weed than our very own smell proof stash bag. Using a carbon-lined airtight storage sack, our smell proof bag will completely keep any odors inside. The pouch is guaranteed to be 100% smell-proof where you won’t be able to smell a thing from the outside. 


TÜS Smell Proof Bag

The product also comes in a perfect size. It’s large enough to store your cannabis and smoking essentials, but just the right size to carry by hand or fit inside your backpack. Made of top-quality materials, you can trust that it will do the job admirably and for a long time.

Furthermore, our smell-proof bags are a tried and tested product with more than 300 5-star ratings and overwhelmingly positive reviews. This great customer satisfaction is the reason why you can’t go wrong buying our smell proof bag.

You can shop for this smell proof bag at our store through this link. We pledge 100% satisfaction on this product and offer a money-back guarantee if you find it unsatisfactory.